Sewing, knitting and Crochet and Jewellery Courses

Sewing Courses

Sewing courses are offered as – beginner, intermediate and advance level every eight weeks. Times are Tuesday evenings for intermediate, Thursday evenings for beginners and Friday evenings for advance.

All evenings start 6.30pm and ends 8.30pm.



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Beginners - No Sewing Experience

If you want to start your own sewing projects and you have not sewn before or haven’t done so for many years then the eight weeks beginner’s course is for you. Beginners will learn: The names of sewing machine parts and functions, how to use the domestic sewing machine, how to choose suitable tools and equipment, learn basic sewing techniques for making a simple garment eg. Skirt, top or dress. You will be taught how to take your body measurement and how to adapt and use commercial patterns to fit your body shape. As well as how to lay patterns on fabric, pin and cut out.

By the end of your eight week course you will be able to use the sewing machine confidently have a good understanding of how to use commercial patterns and yes take home a garment you have made to fit you.



Intermediate - Completed beginners course or has some previous sewing experience

If you have sewn before and can use the sewing machine confidently then the  eight weeks intermediate course is for you. Intermediate participants will build a portfolio of techniques learnt: E.g. Putting a zips with a fly / guard, making side and patch pockets and belt loops. They will then use the techniques learnt to make a pair of tailored trousers . 

Advanced - Completed intermediate

If you have completed the intermediate course and looking for a challenging project to develop more skills the eight weeks advance course is for you. Participants will learn to make a tailored waistcoat with jetted pockets.



Resources are provided for the each course e.g sewing machines, pins, needles, tape measure, scissors and sample fabrics ect. However, participants will need to provide their own fabric to make their garments.


Professional experience teacher, competitive fees, sewing machine tools and equipment, relaxed atmosphere with small
friendly group and finished product to take home.



Knitting& Crochet - Beginners & Intermediate

Our knitting and crochet course  runs for four weeks and is held on a Wednesday evening from 6.30 – 8.30.

Beginners as well as improver are welcome to attend the same sessions as this course is planned for mixed abilities and will be tailored to your needs. You will be given knitting wool and pins although you can bring your own.


JEWELLERY COURSEBeginners & Improvers

Jewellery course runs on Monday evenings for  six weeks. Beginners and improvers attends the same sessions as lessons are tailored to your individual needs. Resources are provided but you are welcome to bring your own.


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